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The AASF is supported by the EBRD and the Government of Albania

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Welcome to AASF - the Albania Agribusiness Support Facility

The Albania Agribusiness Support Facility (AASF) is a financing framework developed by EBRD in cooperation with and with support from the Government of Albania which started its activities in 2016.

The objective of the facility is to motivate Albanian financial institutions to support a vital sector of the Albanian economy with widely untapped potential - agriculture and agribusinesses.

AASF comprises of two elements from which financial institutions will benefit: Financial support and technical assistance.

AASF provides access to finance for the agribusiness sector in two ways: senior loans and / or portfolio risk sharing to both MFIs and banks. The institutions benefit from a first loss risk cover that was made available by the Government of Albania. AASF therefore represents an innovative financial instrument to encourage lending by financial institutions to the whole agribusiness value chain.

In addition, AASF delivers capacity building to the participating financial institutions. This technical assistance is provided by a consortium of GFA Consulting Group (Germany) and CBS (Albania). The consortium is supported by ISETN (Albania).

The final beneficiaries of AASF are farmers, entrepreneurs and companies that are engaged in primary agriculture, agricultural equipment production and trade, logistics, agribusiness service providers, agricultural processing, wholesale as well as retail traders. Agribusinesses may also benefit from the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses programme, which provides consultancy on strategy development, marketing, technical restructuring and other key institutional development areas by international and local experts.

The target volume of the facility is EUR 180 million, EUR 100 of which is provided or guaranteed by EBRD and the remaining by Partner Financial Institutions. Currently, two MFIs and three banks participate in AASF.


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